Platformus CMS

Platformus CMS

Free, open source, and cross-platform developer-friendly CMS, based on ASP.NET Core, ExtCore framework, and Magicalizer

Live demo of version 3.0.0

Use and Make Better

If you like this product, you can take part in its development: answer newbie questions, suggest ideas, write code, improve documentation. Any help is appreciated.

Why Platformus CMS?

Free and Open Source

Use our system for free in your commercial projects as the NuGet packages or the source code.

Modern and Cross-Platform

Our system can work on Windows, Linux, and Mac, in a cloud, can be easily scaled and supports different databases.

Modular and Extendable

You can use third-party extensions and build extension libraries to reduce development time.

Multilingual and Multicultural

It is multilingual and multicultural, including user interface, content, data formats etc.

Flexible Content Management

Manage your content using the intuitive tools. Even fairly complex data structures can be described without any programming.

Customizable Security

The permissions and roles security features allow you to flexibly control access to the web application resources.

Getting Started

1. Get Platformus CMS as the NuGet packages or the sources.
2. Learn how to use it from the documentation.
3. Get support and help from the community, share your experience with others!
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More About the System

Platformus is simple, developer-friendly content management system (where everything can be changed or replaced). You can describe and store your content, and it is totally separated from its representation, so you can represent it using the HTML pages, API, or any other way you want.

As any other ASP.NET Core web application, our system can run on Linux, Mac, and Windows (also, it can run in a cloud). It supports different storage types (PostgreSQL, SQLite, SQL Server, Azure SQL Database). It is modular, multilingual and multicultural. And it is open source and absolutely free.

While Platformus CMS is absolutely flexible for the developers, it is still very easy to use, and it is still comfortable and friendly for the end-users. You can make your users to see the only one backend section they need, with the single field to type text in. The backend is intuitive and well-structured:

Live Demo

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