Platformus CMS

Getting Started

You can use Platformus in three ways: as the compiled binaries, the NuGet packages, or the source code. The system documentation contains relevant articles that tell more about this.

The Compiled Binaries

This way is as simple as possible and requires absolutely no programming skills. Just download the latest version of our system and rut it. The graphical installer in wizard mode will help you to make all the necessary settings.

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The NuGet Packages

This is the most convenient and flexible way to use Platform. Create an empty web application on ASP.NET Core and add our system to it as the NuGet packages. This allows you to add your own code (and whole extensions) to the project, but at the same time you still can update the Platforms when new versions are released.

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The Source Code

Finally, you can use our system as a base for your own products. When the required changes are too large, you can adapt the source code of the Platform to your needs. The downside of this approach is the high complexity of subsequent updates (because your copy of the source code will be different from the original one).

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